Ceremonial Cacao
1lb Ceremonial Cacao Bar
1lb Ceremonial Cacao Bar

Pure ceremonial cacao bar Bean-to-bar, craft produced with single-origin, organic, Guatemalan cac...

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1lb Ceremonial Cacao Powder Wild Bolivia 3.5oz Ceremonial Cacao Bar
Trainings And Ceremonies
Into the Heart - 6 Week Self-Directed Cacao Ceremony Training
Into the Heart - 6 Week Self-Directed Cacao Ceremony Training

Into The Heart Into the Heart is a transformational online course that will provide you with a st...

From $ 179.00

Cacao Ceremony Coaching: 1 hr
Ceremonial Cacao Mug - Heartblood Cacao
Ceremonial Cacao Mug

Ceremonial Cacao Mug Looking for that special mug for your daily ritual or cacao ceremonies?  The...

From $ 24.50

Ceremonial Cacao Mug Carbon Contribution
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Ceremonial Cacao Article
Ceremonial Cacao Drink

How to Prepare a Ceremonial Cacao Drink The two most important components to a successful cacaoc...

Cacao Morning Energizer Iced Cacao Drink Daily Cacao Smoothie

Winter Solstice 2021 Giveaway Contest!!!


We love celebrating the holiday season, so we've teamed up with 3 other awesome companies to put together a holiday gift basket worth over $350!!!

With Winter Solstice only 1 week away, what better way to celebrate than with a chance to win some of these amazing prizes?

The PRIZE includes:

From embue cacao - 🍫1lb Ceremonial Cacao Bar, 1lb Ceremonial Cacao Powder, 3.5-ounce ceremonial cacao bar,

From Bravo Botanicals - 🍃 Organic CBD Drops (1200 mg in 30 mL MCT oil), Organic CBD Shea Cream (450 mg with Jojoba & Lemongrass Oil), Organic CBD + Arnica Easy Roller (300 mg with Jojoba & Rosemary Oil)

From Hosta Hill - 🔥 6-pack bundle of any products (kimchi, sauerkraut, hot sauce, etc.)

From Sweet Birch Herbals - 🌱 Large Gift Basket, including tincture, body care, herbal teas, ghee & elixir



 1. For those on Instagram, make sure you're following ALL FOUR Brands

  1. embue cacao
  2. Bravo Botanicals
  3. Hosta Hill
  4. Sweet Birch Herbals


 2. Fill out the entry form linked below


  • Submit a photo or video enjoying, making, or celebrating any product from any of the 4 brands. You can do so in the form below
  • Repost the giveaway post to your IG Story and be sure to tag all 4 of us
  • Tag a friend on our giveaway post who would love to be a part of our giveaway!

This giveaway will take place starting 12/13!! You must get your entries in before 11:59PM on SUNDAY (12/19)! Winners will be announced via our story on Monday (12/20)!!