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1lb Ceremonial Cacao Flakes
1lb Ceremonial Cacao Flakes

Pure ceremonial cacao flakes: Bean-to-bar craft produced with single-origin, organic, Guatemalan...

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1lb Ceremonial Cacao Bar
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3 oz. Cacao Bar: 75%Cacao 25%Allulose
3 oz. Cacao Bar: 75%Cacao 25%Allulose

We are excited to share our first eating bar, the Cacao Bar.It's a blend of our ceremonial cacao ...

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Into the Heart - 6 Week Self-Directed Cacao Ceremony Training
Into the Heart - 6 Week Self-Directed Cacao Ceremony Training

Into The Heart Into the Heart is a transformational online course that will provide you with a st...

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Personal Cacao Ceremony & Healing Session: 1 Hour Cacao Ceremony Coaching: 1 hr
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Your Daily Dose of Cacao Love Daily cacao consumption is linked to numerous health benefits and ...

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Why We Started Heartblood

Almost a decade ago, I found myself sitting around a fire at a ceremonial gathering in Costa Rica. The gathering, Forestdance™, centered around all-night fire experiences that invited participants into deeper waters. For our opening night, 40-50 of us gathered around the fire for a ‘cacao ceremony’. It was the first time I had heard the word and the first time I had heard chocolate used in the context of healing work. Being the sweet and chocolate lover that I am, the idea sounded great; drink chocolate and feel great! Like having my cake and eating it too. All I imagined was enjoying a rich hot chocolate with a sweet group of people around the fire. I was in for a surprise.

About 20-30 minutes after I drank the very rich brew, I felt as though I were falling in love with everyone there, except I didn’t know about half the people. This wasn’t a 'me trying diligently to open my heart' kind of experience, but an effortless opening that flowed out without boundaries. The blissful feeling came easily and permeated my world. I didn’t need a rational reason or excuse for the joyful love, it just beamed from me.

I was immediately enamored with this plant and wanted to know and experience more. The cacao ceremony came at a synchronistic time in my life where the gentle, heart-centered medicine was a much-needed counter-balance to my tendency to push myself hard in inner work, because I thought I was getting somewhere. At that time, I imagined unconsciously that I was on a linear path of spiritual attainment, and that steps along the way required struggle. The cacao had another message for me: “Love fully what is right now.” It brought my attention to what was happening in the moment with a loving, supportive presence that allowed me to feel more deeply and see my thought patterns without being so immersed in them. It ushered in a new stage in my process that allowed deeper acceptance of whatever was going on without so much focus on getting somewhere.

Not long after this experience, my wife Ambe and I were so inspired to share this love with others, that we started Heartblood Cacao. We wanted to share this beautiful plant medicine with others back home so that they too could experience it's healing power. So it is to this day, that Heartblood continues to be inspired by the magic of cacao and our love of sharing that with others. 

Join us on this journey and try pure ceremonial cacao today!

With Love!

~ Moses, Hearblood Co-Founder