Ceremonial Cacao
1lb Ceremonial Cacao Bar
1lb Ceremonial Cacao Bar

Pure ceremonial cacao bar Bean-to-bar, craft produced with single-origin, organic, Guatemalan cac...

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1lb Ceremonial Cacao Powder 3.5 oz Ceremonial Cacao Bar
Ceremonial Cacao Mug - Heartblood Cacao
Ceremonial Cacao Mug

Ceremonial Cacao Mug Looking for that special mug for your daily ritual or cacao ceremonies?  The...

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Ceremonial Cacao Mug Carbon Contribution
Cacao Ceremony Connection September 10th
Cacao Ceremony Connection September 10th

Monthly Virtual Cacao Ceremony  Registration is on a sliding scale so that no one is turned away ...

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Cacao Ceremony Connection Oct 22nd Cacao Ceremony Connection Nov 19
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Ceremonial Cacao Article
Ceremonial Cacao Drink

How to Prepare a Ceremonial Cacao Drink The two most important components to a successful cacaoc...

Cacao Morning Energizer Iced Cacao Drink Daily Cacao Smoothie

Global Cacao Conference: Maya Cosmovision

Check out the recording from Session 2 of our Global Cacao Conference!

Energies of the Maya Cosmovision with Rachel Askelson

In the Mayan language the word, “hour” does not exist. Without the distractions of the modern world the ancient Maya were able to intuitively connect with profound energy by tuning into their environment, and receiving guidance from the four elements and surrounding animals. Dive deep into the creation of the Maya Cosmovision; the Sacred Energy Calendar, and discover the unique energies within you.


Up next, Session 3: How to Offer Cacao Ceremony