Ceremonial Cacao
1lb Ceremonial Cacao Bar
1lb Ceremonial Cacao Bar

Pure ceremonial cacao bar Bean-to-bar, craft produced with single-origin, organic, Guatemalan cac...

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1lb Ceremonial Cacao Powder 3.5 oz Ceremonial Cacao Bar
Eating Cacao
3 oz. Cacao Bar: 75%Cacao 25%Allulose
3 oz. Cacao Bar: 75%Cacao 25%Allulose

We are excited to share our first eating bar, the Cacao Bar.It's a blend of our ceremonial cacao ...

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Trainings & Ceremonies
Into the Heart - 6 Week Self-Directed Cacao Ceremony Training
Into the Heart - 6 Week Self-Directed Cacao Ceremony Training

Into The Heart Into the Heart is a transformational online course that will provide you with a st...

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Heart Wide Open: Personal Healing Journey With Cacao Community Cacao Training - October 15th
Cacao Ceremony Connection September 10th
Cacao Ceremony Connection September 10th

Monthly Virtual Cacao Ceremony  Registration is on a sliding scale so that no one is turned away ...

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Cacao Ceremony Connection Oct 22nd Cacao Ceremony Connection Nov 19
Cacao Recipes
Ceremonial Cacao Article
Ceremonial Cacao Drink

How to Prepare a Ceremonial Cacao Drink The two most important components to a successful cacaoc...

Cacao Morning Energizer Iced Cacao Drink Daily Cacao Smoothie


Even better than dark chocolate. Discover the nutritional benefits of drinking ceremonial cacao .

  • 1

    Mood Enhancer

    Contains neurotransmitters known to boost your mood, such as serotonin, anandamide and more. A Cacao morning energizer can be a perfect way to start a day.

  • 2

    Antioxidant Rich

    Cacao is a high source of natural flavonoids in its pure form. Embue cacao takes great care to produce the highest quality ceremonial cacao with its bean-to-bar craft process.

  • 3

    Heart Healthy

    Lowers blood pressure and protects the heart. Unlike cocoa powder or chocolate, our cacao is 100& pure ceremonial grade and will provide maximum benefit to you.

  • 4

    Nutrition Powerhouse

    Ceremonial Cacao is an excellent source of iron, magnesium, potassium, and healthy fats. Embue cacao takes pride in offering the highest quality, 100% pure, ceremonial grade cacao. Are you aware of the difference between cacao and cocoa.?


What is ceremonial cacao?

If you are looking to learn more about what ceremonial cacao is, you can read our article What is ceremonial cacao? Already have a good idea what ceremonial cacao is? Check out our cacao learning center.