Ceremonial Cacao
1lb Ceremonial Cacao Bar
1lb Ceremonial Cacao Bar

Pure ceremonial cacao bar Bean-to-bar, craft produced with single-origin, organic, Guatemalan cac...

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1lb Ceremonial Cacao Powder 3.5 oz Ceremonial Cacao Bar
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Into the Heart - 6 Week Self-Directed Cacao Ceremony Training

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Ceremonial Cacao Mug

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Ceremonial Cacao Mug Carbon Contribution
Cacao Ceremony Connection Oct 22
Cacao Ceremony Connection Oct 22

Bi-Monthly Virtual Cacao Ceremony  Registration is on a sliding scale so that no one is turned aw...

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Cold Packed Shipping

Cold Packed Shipping
Cold Packed Shipping
Highly Recommended for our Ceremonial Cacao Powder when local temperatures will exceed 85°.  Flat...
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Highly Recommended for our Ceremonial Cacao Powder when local temperatures will exceed 85°. 

Flat rate of $3 for less than 5lbs (Small Size)

Flat rate of $5 for 5lbs or more (Large Size)


If you are in an extreme heatwave, when temperatures will reach into the 90's or even into the 100's, we suggest adding it to the Ceremonial Cacao Bar or delaying your order.  

We'll add cold packs & insulation to your shipment to increase the chance it will arrive without any melting. The cold packs are non-toxic & reusable.  

Please note that we cannot guarantee the powder & minibars won't melt when temperatures exceed 85° without the cold-packed shipping option. 

We will ship cold-packed orders Monday through Thursday, to avoid packages sitting around over the weekend in the heat. 


Alternatively, consider ordering when local temperatures are lower or ordering the 1lb Ceremonial Cacao Bar during warmer months. 

We want to Share the Love in everything we do, from how farmers are paid to how we caretake the earth, from the quality of our processing to the consistency of our product. This is why we guarantee what we make and know you’ll love it!

All our cacao is all from Guatemala, whose climate and soils grow some of the best cacao. We source exclusively from one family farm, located in an area with a long history as a prime cacao growing region.

The cacao is grown completely naturally, without the use of pesticides or other chemicals. We pay above international prices for cacao, ensuring that the small-scale farmers and workers all along the production process receive a fair wage.

The farm we work with selects premium varieties to plant and propagate. After the cacao pods are harvested, the cacao beans are fully fermented by professionals trained in this vital, often lacking, step. Once the beans have undergone their transformation, they are sun-dried and sent to our chocolate shops.

We work closely with artisanal chocolatiers who then precision roast the beans and remove the husks. The hand-crafted block of cacao we carry is made by grinding the nibs into a fine paste and tempering the final product.

** Transit times may be affected during COVID19, so there are no guaranteed arrival times **
Summer Notes
Please read our summer shipping notes here.

We primarily use USPS Priority Mail as it is the fastest & most economical shipping rate available.

Delivery takes 2-5 days from when you place an order.

Paired with our 10% case discount on 5lbs, the best shipping rates will be at 5lbs, 10lbs, and 15lbs, with 15lbs being the least expensive per pound of cacao.

We do not offer express or overnight shipping.


We use the same shipping method for international shipping, so the same boxes and amounts apply. Delivery usually takes 7-13 days from when you place an order. This is assuming there are no delays with customs. We are not responsible for customs delays. Shipping times are also more variable with international ordering, so we do not guarantee the times.

Please note that there may be customs fees associated with your order. We are not responsible for those fees and cannot accept returns based on customs fees being too high. Please check into the fees before ordering

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Virginia martin
Happy with my purchase.

Loved my purchase. I definitely will order more.
I will recommend to my loved ones.
Thank you.

VERY pleased!

I actually came across Heartblood on instagram, in a comment from someone on an advertisement targeted to me by another cacao company. I debated between the two, but ultimately felt much better ordering from here, and I’m awfully glad that I did. The cacao is LOVELY. I’ll brew up some of my Bitches Brew (its the actual name of the coffee), add two tablespoons of the cacao and then a little honey, Ceylon cinnamon and oatmilk. It was for an absolutely fabulous morning drink without the guilt. Its beautiful, and I think I’ll be keeping a bag of this in my pantry from now on! Thank you so much.

Douglas Rapisarda
Excellent Quality. Great Energy Boost.

This product really opens your clarity. Big energy boost. Well organized and caring company. I will buy more for sure. I highly recommend adding a tablespoon to your coffee in the morning! Tremendous quality.

Devin Ryback
Delicious Cacao Wrapped with Care

I previously wrote a review praising the bright, fruity flavor of this cacao.. and I neglected to mention the wonderful packaging and shipping.

I ordered 5 bars to ship cold-packed, and they arrived cool indeed. Not only was the shipping box well taped and secured, the bars themselves are wrapped with much care in beautiful golden paper, plus plastic wrap to keep them fresh. I was very impressed!

Thank you for facilitating many lovely morning cacao experiences to come.

Jeff Convery
Cosmic Cacao

I have had the good fortune of purchasing my ceremonial cacao from Heart Blood for many years. The quality is of the highest degree. I have found the connection to the earth that this plant medicine holds is a gentle gateway to Source. A family owned business, the service and attention to their customers is unsurpassed.

Single Origin Ceremonial Cacao

Cultivated with intention

Our Single-origin cacao is from one family farm in Guatemala. Guatemala has a rich history connected to cacao, and the farm is located on the western coast of Guatemala, an area known as 'Costa Sur', which was historically the country’s center of cacao production and genetic research.

Quality is everything

We pay a premium price for a premium product. Our long-term relationship offers us consistently high-quality cacao, and the farm access to a stable and high value market so the farmers can earn a living wage. The farm is trained in high quality cacao bean production, from varietal selection to the fermentation & sun-drying process, keeping more value-added at the source and ensuring professional standards in growing & processing.

Our Sourcing Reflects Four Values:

  • Ceremonial Quality
  • Social Responsibility
  • Ecological Awareness
  • Transparency