Ceremonial Cacao
1lb Ceremonial Cacao Bar
1lb Ceremonial Cacao Bar

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1lb Ceremonial Cacao Powder Wild Bolivia 3.5oz Ceremonial Cacao Bar
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Wild Bolivia 3.5oz Ceremonial Cacao Bar

Wild Bolivia 3.5oz Ceremonial Cacao Bar
A Rare, Limited-Edition Treat! 100% Pure Ceremonial Cacao Bar This is a unique opportunity to e...
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A Rare, Limited-Edition Treat!

100% Pure Ceremonial Cacao Bar

This is a unique opportunity to experience truly wild cacao! This cacao is gathered by hand in the jungle and requires dug-out canoes to access. 

The cacao pods are brought back to be centrally fermented and dried

Bean-to-bar craft produced with single-origin, organic, Bolivian cacao.

Each square is approximately 0.25 ounces, so 4 squares are perfect for a daily drink.

Experience the direct connection to cacao's jungle origins with this rare cacao. 

Flavor Notes: Classic Chocolate & Fudge with mild dried fruit note. Very low bitter

Itenez Wild Harvest Cacao is from the region around Baures, Bolivia, close to the Reserva Forestal Itenez and the Río Blanco.

These beans are rare, native Beniano cacao from the wild Itenez, Bolivia forests, gathered and processed by local campesinos. All Beniano cacao wild forests are called “chocolatales” in Bolivia.

According to Heirloom Cacao Preservation (HCP) genetic tests, the cacao is 97.3% Beniano Boliviano with 2.7% Upper Amazon Forastero.

This initiative to support collectors of native, wild cacaos was started by Agricultural Economist and General Manager of Rainforest Exquisite Products S.A. (REPSA) Volker Lehmann, who was responsible for pioneering the wild cacao trade starting in 2004, with the goal to increase the quality of the harvest process in order to ensure economic gains for all involved.

The Itenez wild Bolivian beans are very small, but the flavor is robust and pleasantly complex with an earthy and bright, yet chocolate-centric flavor profile.

A very rare and unique cacao bean that must be canoed from the wild to the farm to be fermented and dried. 

With such a rare treat, we highly recommend consuming this cacao as simply as possible. Because it's low in bitters, it doesn't even need as much sweetening.

Try a square straight up, or brew up a drink as follow:
~ 3-4 squares cacao
~ 5 ounces water
~ Touch of sweetener

Froth and enjoy the delicate flavors & aroma!

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Customer Reviews

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Steven Kuchinsky
Question on nutrition

I have read that some nutrition is destroyed if it is not raw and I understand you roast it. Is that correct? Please comment.

Hey Steven,
Glad you're enjoying our Wild Bolivian Bar!
Check out this more in-depth answer about 'raw' cacao - https://www.embuecacao.com/blogs/cacao-life/on-raw-cacao
There isn't actually any raw cacao out there, nor would we want there to be. Heat has been used for centuries in the processing of cacao, and we follow in that tradition for multiple reasons as described in that blog post.
All the best!

Sherie-Don Noel
Amazing product and experience

I would recommend this product for anyone wanting to do heart work, meditation, or just a boost of energy in the morning

Anne Ruel

Wild Bolivia 3.5oz Ceremonial Cacao Bar

Judith Thurman
Wild Bolivia Ceremonial Bar

Outstanding! The rich, deep, and fudgy essence of this bar brings depth to my cacao ceremonies, will definitely be purchasing again!

Wild Harvested Ceremonial Cacao

From The Jungles of Bolivia

Connect with this rare treat, gathered from wild cacao trees in the jungle!
Campesinos head out in dug out canoes to harevest this cacao and bring it back to be centrally fermented and dried.
The beans are much smaller than harvested varieties and pack a classic chocolate flavor and low bitter.

Quality is everything

We are always on the lookout for interesting new sources, and we couldn't pass up this opportunity to offer a limited run of wild Bolivian cacao!

As with our Guatemalan cacao, a transparent supply chain where producers are paid a premium price is an essential aspect of our sourcing.

Central fermentation & drying ensures this critical step is done properly

Our Sourcing Reflects Four Values:

  • Ceremonial Quality
  • Social Responsibility
  • Ecological Awareness
  • Transparency